When a mother comes into your store to buy a full DJ setup of 2 turntables, mixer and the full Traktor Scratch Pro package for her son, it made me think just how good this kids Christmas will be.  Apparently since seeing a friends studio setup in his loft (Pioneers, Technics the works!), the kid in question dropped as many hints to his mother. No socks and underpants for this lad this year! Lucky beggar!

It also made me think about what my best ever Christmas present was.  I guess I have had too many good Christmases when I was younger, I simply can’t remember any of them.  I think my parents never knew what to buy me when it came to music technology or DJ equipment so I always asked for money. This probably went on the latest promo releases on vinyl.

It has also made me think how much money I could of saved if Beatport and Final Scratch had been released a good 10 years sooner. I would of probably saved £5 per track purchased (as I only ever wanted one mix from a single vinyl release and never played the B sides).  Now during the recession this makes me sick especially when I still have a large collection of vinyl sitting collecting dust,  not in use and I could do with the pennies.

Nevermind, I guess I could use my own facilities and convert them digitally again..now it’s finding the time. grrrr! Merry Christmas!!