If you are like me and have lots of audio recordings or video footage to sift through the day after a paranormal investigation, you will probably be spending hours listening carefully for anything out of the ordinary, hoping for something you couldn’t hear yourself during the night – an EVP?

Most of the time it will probably just be background noise or white noise you hear, but every now and again you get something that sounds like a strange voice, murmur or chant that you KNOW couldn’t of been produced by anyone else at that time. You know this could be a paranormal recording, an EVP, and want to hear it in more detail, or with more clarity and volume as it is more than likely blended in with the background noise or hiss.

Luckily for me I know how to work with audio, being a pro audio specialist and producer for quite a number of years, and with the help of a piece of  professional audio restoration software called RX by iZotope I can focus on those captured EVP’s and enhance them.

Below are a collection of recent EVP samples I recorded with Pitch Black Investigations down at the Ryton Masonic Hall, using my iPhone as the recorder and a broadcast quality microphone – the NTG2 by Rode. Each sample I have provided the original recording and an enhanced versions using RX software so you can see and hear the difference.


I never heard any of the hidden EVP’s on the night and they certainly could not of been nor would have been produced by anyone at the investigation or outside because of the way the NTG2 Microphone works which I will explain in another blog post soon and how to record your own EVP’s properly.

I am pretty sure the EVP’s above sound like a child and maybe even chanting of some sort (what do you think? Leave your comments below). The tapping you can hear is the actual tapping from the middle of the table produced from the Table Tipping experiment we did (Paranormal? It certainly wasn’t us). The table was actually about 10 to 15 metres away from my microphone positioned in the corner of the room directed at the table itself.

Now the enhanced EVP’s above could be improved even more again, but what you would get is more of an unnatural sound, more synthetic and computer sounding than real sounding that your ears and brain would interpret as possibly something else. The more filters that are added to the sound, the more synthesized it will become. This is because some white noise or even hiss is actually required to keep the captured sample sounding natural because of the harmonics, as from what we know, the paranormal or ghosts use white noise as energy to project their own EVP’s.


With iZotope’s RX software you can visually see any anomalies in the quiet space that you can focus on, increase volume, and apply different professional filtering to enhance and restore the audio.  Removal of hiss, background noise, hum, room reverb and even slowing down or speeding up the audio with the highest digital algorithms are all some of the things RX can do professionally. Remember this is a tool used by the professionals in broadcast and film companies, plus CSI ;) If you know of Photoshop, this is without doubt Photoshop for audio.


I know a lot of people use the free audio editing software Audacity to ‘try’ and edit and enhance their EVP’s but it’s simply not going to produce the right results like RX can. You can only do basic and simple processes with Audacity such as EQ’ing or compression and gain with low quality algorithms. You also can’t visually see the audio like RX can as in the image below (this helps speed up the workflow and finding audio anomalies you know shouldn’t be there)…



I can’t promise pure noise free enhancements of your own EVP’s, as I said above some EVP’s require slight hiss, or noise to sound accurate, but I can offer an improvement for you to try and work out your own captured EVP recording. Simply contact me using the form below and I can provide a quotation based on the number of recordings you have and how long it may take.  In return you will receive your enhanced EVP recordings at a number of different stages for you to check out and share, but also a certificate of what enhancements were used on each sample or collection of samples…

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