So, we took delivery of the new Maschine MK2’s, and instantly we unboxed one for myself to demo in store. Straight away the differences were noticeable. It is slightly heavier, with much smoother touching pads, and i don’t mean the sensitivity, i mean when you touch them they actually feel smooth allowing your finger to slide off (great for finger drumming).

Also apart from the different colours, the other major thing for me was the new screens. These are fantastic and you can see everything from whatever angle. This is massive for me!

Plus once firing up the software and even connecting the controller it seems to respond much much quicker – its rapid! Every button touch and knob turn just seems to be extremely quick in comparison to the MK1’s. This obviously helps with the sensitivity on the pads too making them feel much tighter.

Overall us Maschine users have had the chance to play with 1.8 already so I wont go into that, but the controller matches the improvements in the software and is definitely worth a paid upgrade for the hardware in my eyes.