Well, I am back on the blogging scene with as much news, tips and information that I can release with my own personal opinions attached. First up is some speculation of a group of 3 new DJ controllers to be announced at NAMM (January 2012) no doubt of which some, including myself assumed was the new Numark 4Trak. Unfortunately this is not a spoiler, more of a ‘spoiler’ to extinguish this assumption.

The new 4Trak seems to look like a Numark NS6 but with an extra FX unit bolted on the top to suit Traktor Pro’s layout. Just like they did with the NS7 and the FX unit for that, they seem to be about to announce a similar addition to the NS6 line for those looking for the NS6 controller working alongside Traktor Pro. Now whether this will be simply the NS6 renamed with an FX unit bolted on to work with Traktor that remains to be seen. All we have at the moment is a grayscale image (taken from a dutch website – bax shop):

From my point of view I wouldn’t think Numark would simply offer a bolt on ‘4trak’ effects unit for the NS6, instead they may well rebrand a ‘Traktor’ version of the NS6 with this bolt on unit included and call  it the ‘4Trak’. This could well be reflected in this image above as the NS6 labels and lettering are not shown in this image.  However this is simply my assumption.

Whatever the outcome this is great news for Traktor users who require the solid build and high response from the jogwheels of the NS6. There is also of course a ‘4Trak’ controller mapping now included with the latest Traktor 2.1.2 update which makes me believe the high resolution midi jogwheels should be now unlocked for Traktor. I wonder if the Numark NS6 actually works with this new mapping configuration already???