Yes you read it correctly, my pack of 4 beers acquired from Focusrite (Many thanks to Mr Beeston!), have at least saved me from being covered in glass and potentially been seriously hurt. How you might say? Well on my way home, these pack of 4 Novation Launchpad Branded Christmas Beers helped me sit on the opposite side of the bus just prior to the bus driver thinking he was clever and planting the bus straight into a bollard.

This caused two of the left hand side (I was sat on the right hand side thankfully) windows to literally pop and shatter all over inside the bus. Some poor woman had a few cuts but nothing major. Luckily I was spared as I was going to sit in that exact seat if it wasn’t for my bag of beers forcing me into another seat on the right hand side of the aisle because of what hand I was carrying them in.

Yes this was a pointless story but I guess it could be said that beer did actually save me from a breaking window rather than make me break a window! Also I wanted to show off this freebie beer from Novation…..the controllers are fantastic but it goes to say the beer is not. Still I’m sitting drinking one here after that shock on the bus, and it’s going down fine :P