Want to use your Maschine as an Effect Machine? Mash on those pads to trigger effects at specific quantised points allowing you to rework and chop up those tracks live. Complete control over your 4 effects units in Traktor Pro 2.

– Total 4 FX Unit Control
– 2 FX Unit Group Control with Knobs
– BeatMasher Direct Button Control
– Gate Effect Direct via Pads
– Crossfader Transform
– Extra Assignable Pad Effect Controls
– Play Cue Points (Auto detects for Cue play mode too)
– Deck Focus Select

Installation Instructions:
– Once purchased, simply download the .ZIP package, extract to a folder on your computer.
– Connect the Maschine Controller, launch the Controller Editor and append the Editor Config File (.ncc file) into your configuration lists on the right.
– Launch Traktor Pro, go to the preferences page and at the very bottom of the preferences window click ‘Import’.
– Source the included .TSI mapping file for Traktor in the extracted folder.
– Then go to ‘Controller Manager’ in preferences.
– Make sure your controller is highlighted in the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ for the midi ports.


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