Enhance your TRAKTOR S5 decks and DJ performances with an additional 5 features per deck

What is the SUPER S5?

Just like an Iron Man suit is an addition of super-human powers to an ordinary person, the new SUPER S5 Midi Map is also an extension to the original features the Traktor S5 offers.

The Super S5 is not to replace how the Traktor S5 is used, but to work alongside the original mode of the Traktor S5, simply pressing a button switches you into Super S5 mode (Midi Mode) and brings you full feature requests such as LOOP BUTTONS and complete LOOP RECORDER control, but also new additions like the innovative KEYNOTE PADS, PITCH BEND TOUCHSTRIP and the not-so-innovative but most wanted LOOP ROLL TOUCHSTRIP.

All features described above work per deck, once in SUPER S5 mode you can still select each deck and a SHIFT-MODE too alongside all fully functional central mixer controls as you go. Then just flick back to normal mode for full TRAKTOR S5 controls.

KeyNote Pads

Perform and play cue/freeze points with different pitches to emulate a playable keyboard or notes from cue or freeze points

Pitch Bend TouchStrip

Bend the pitch/key of the deck like a keyboard using the touchstrip

Loop Buttons

Segmented 4x Loop BUTTONS instead of using knob

Loop Roll Touchstrip

Use the touchstrip just like Pioneer’s Loop Roll and flux mode.

Loop Recorder Control

Full Loop Recorder Control to record all previous actions as a performance loop

What are the KeyNote Pads?
KeyNote Pads not only allow you to change the pitch of the playing deck as though you were playing a normal keyboard, but also to ‘perform’ stored cue points like they were a musical note. Each deck can control one octave from the root note, and one octave lower (at touch of a button).

This brings originality and the chance to be extremely unique in your performance. Imagine playing a track to your audience, but instead of waiting for the track to finish you are working on a bassline, or melody from a cue point directly in your headphones, ready to unleash an original loop into your mix and maybe even layer these creations by using a Remix Deck.

What can I do with the Loop Recorder?
Taking into consideration the previous feature of KEYNOTE PADS, and introduce FULL control of the LOOP RECORDER assigned to each deck.

This allows improvised control when recording loops and overdubs, and the speed of loading into a remix deck slot to use in your mix or future performances.
Imagine – populating your remix deck slots so quickly from improvised performances secretly in your headphones all on the fly ready to mix into your set. This gives a chance of completely reworking or remixing a track live and another great transition tool.

Stand out from the crowd and bring something unique to your performances with SUPER S5.

TIP: Make sure Loop Recorder source is set to ‘CUE’, this way you can create unique loops secretly in your headphones ready to mix.


Please be aware no support will be offered with this purchase as I do not own a Traktor S5 anymore – use at your own risk – NO REFUND AVAILABLE


Buy now

  1. Simply download the .ZIP package, extract to a folder on your computer.
  2. Connect the Controller, launch the Controller Editor and append the Editor Config File (.ncc file) into your configuration lists on the right.
  3. Launch Traktor Pro, go to the preferences page and at the very bottom of the preferences window click ‘Import’.
  4. Source the included .TSI mapping file for Traktor in the extracted folder.
  5. Then go to ‘Controller Manager’ in preferences.
  6. Make sure your controller is highlighted in the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ for the midi ports.