Promo: Funky Mammal – Some Beats Some Melody


Since recording some snippets of my partners vocals  just for a trial (thanks Donna x), and speaking to a couple of customers in my store (two friends massively into Chicage House), I went back to the studio to take the influence of saxophones, Rhodes and Old School Piano riffs and put them into my work. I have always loved the Old School Piano sound, like that from the old Korg M1 synth.

On top of all these old school and housey synth sounds, my passion for drums also played a big part in this track with myself programming the bongos on my Maschine to get a lovely sweet housey groove.

Of course I didn’t want to produce a full on Chicago House track, but take influence from that genre and use it towards the style I am more into. I wanted to produce something more brighter with a happier but funky vibe instead of the usual minimal and dark techy stuff that is floating around these days. I am thinking summer 2010 here, let me know what you think. Feedback appreciated and any labels welcome to sign it up! :)

Remix: Susan Boyle – Wild Horses (Funky Mammal Trance Remix)


Yes I will admit I watched the X-Factor and heard this cover of the old Rolling Stones track by Susan Boyle, and thought to myself wow..rather powerful. This would fit well into a nice uplifting Trance track…and so I worked on this for a good couple of weeks. It is a bit more old school Trance rather than the plain melodic stuff you here in the clubs nowadays. Lots of Arps,  funky bassline and of course nice percussion and uplifting chords.

Let me know what you guys think, and if you like it leave some feedback. If you want it get in touch-