Beatgrids for Traktor

Beatgrids for Traktor

DJ’s nowadays are looking to fulfil their creative potential using up to 4 decks together, all synchronised allowing room for live remixing, cutting, chopping and reworking using cue points, loops, acapellas and the new Remix Decks in Traktor 2.5.

This creative opportunity would not be possible unless you ‘beatgrid‘ your tracks ready for Traktor beforehand. This eliminates the need for beatmatching, freeing up your hands and skills to work on other more creative aspects during your performance – with Traktor synchronising your tracks enables endless possibilities for live remixing.

With at least 14 years DJ experience and as a dedicated and Traktor professional of over 4 years, plus another 3 years in commercial sales & support of DJ software & technology – I can provide a valuable and professional service for all digital DJ’s looking to beatgrid their collection.

Simply get in touch to enquire with the amount of tracks required.

More information:

  • Traktor Pro 1 or 2 beatgrid versions Available.
  • Gridding is done via my own ears to the ‘Tick’ or metronome and not visually – this provides a perfect grid when using audio as you would with beatmatching.
  • Provision of MP3 files returned – if WAV provided then they will be converted to high quality 320kbps .MP3 as final output
  • Full backup of all beatgrid files provided onto DVD if requested (UK Only)
  • Due to copyright infringement we do not keep copies of any digitally converted files, the original & converted files are the sole responsibility of the original owner
  • Refunds for discrepancies availabe for only the first 14 days from date of despatch and return

*Payment must be made prior to receiving gridded tracks back.

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