Setup Grief for Deadmau5

Setup Grief for Deadmau5

Toon_Mau5_WebJust found some photos and thought I would share some inside information on Deadmau5 and his setup whilst I can still remember.

Prior to his tour at the O2 Academy here in Newcastle Upon Tyne, I had a job of setting up the warm up DJ for his gig.
As we were standing around waiting for Joel (Deadmau5) to complete his sound check and light test, I managed to snap a few photos of what was going on behind the scenes.

DSC00875Apart from Deadmau5 and his crew taking up like 3 dressing rooms (one was probably for his mouse head which came in a huuuge case), his equipment on stage looked minimal for a one man show and not just a DJ performance, This included a full stage of what looked like vertical light beams and a booth which consisted of his Allen & Heath Xone:4D, Macbook Pro with Ableton Live plus a Native Instruments Maschine, Jazzmutant Lemur and a Pioneer EFX-1000. Like I say it seems minimal but lets be honest he will have to work hard to remember what to do next.

During his sound check with the academy’s engineer, one channel was giving him grief with one being louder than the other. Blaming his own equipment and sounding a little stressed he apparently told the crew he was going to have to lie down behind the booth to which he did just that. Next thing you know the guy had passed out. Probably little sleep, too much travelling and he also complained about how loud the sound system was!

That was the next thing that hit me, the sound system and the tunes he started banging out for his sound check. The stuff he played was seriously hard tough electro and dirty as hell! I couldn’t believe he was going to play this stuff to a more commercial crowd. This stuff should of been played in a proper club with proper clubbers and not an O2 Academy in my opinion.




Now I did mention how minimal his setup looked at first, well I never seen the show but was told by the warm up DJ that the light show was phenomenal. He had an LCD screen built into the front of the booth which added to the visual show and that surprised everyone! For a one man show it seems this guy certainly packed some surprised and Ableton Live was certainly packed with hundreds of clips and sounds. I think I am a bit gutted I missed the show, although I was going to try and speak to him but he kept himself to himself inside that cap of his. I didn’t realise how thin he is, almost as thin as me :P