PadMash Effect Maschine TSI Pack for 4 FX Unit Control

PadMash Effect Maschine TSI Pack for 4 FX Unit Control

Want to use your Maschine as an Effect Machine? Mash on those pads to trigger effects at specific quantised points allowing you to rework and chop up those tracks live. Complete control over your 4 effects units in Traktor Pro 2.

– Total 4 FX Unit Control
– 2 FX Unit Group Control with Knobs
– BeatMasher Direct Button Control
– Gate Effect Direct via Pads
– Crossfader Transform
– Extra Assignable Pad Effect Controls
– Play Cue Points (Auto detects for Cue play mode too)
– Deck Focus Select

Installation Instructions:
– Once purchased, simply download the .ZIP package, extract to a folder on your computer.
– Connect the Maschine Controller, launch the Controller Editor and append the Editor Config File (.ncc file) into your configuration lists on the right.
– Launch Traktor Pro, go to the preferences page and at the very bottom of the preferences window click ‘Import’.
– Source the included .TSI mapping file for Traktor in the extracted folder.
– Then go to ‘Controller Manager’ in preferences.
– Make sure your controller is highlighted in the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ for the midi ports.


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Tutoring a Sound Guy

Tutoring a Sound Guy

Enjoyed a really good tutoring session Tuesday night at the home studio of a world renowned field recording professional, a guy who has been there from the start of electronic music but now more recognised for his worldwide audio recordings of wildlife and their natural habitat.

Chris Watson of Cabaret Voltaire and the more current – field sound recorder for the Frozen Planet series with David Attenborough, really inspired me last night with his imagination. Currently working on a performance for BBC Radio he asked me to help him setup Ableton Live and show him around the workflow of the software.


Whilst I can’t say much about the project he is currently working on, he has taken on board what Ableton Live is all about and what it can do for him triggering his recorded samples (pre mixed in Steinberg Nuendo) such as crayfish and seagulls at the right time during a story narrated for the BBC Radio.

The reason I have been inspired by this guy, not simply because of his professionalism and enthusiasm towards his work, but most of all because of his imagination. I mean who would of thought to record the back of a refrigerator for the sound of a North Korean nuclear reactor.

Whilst I was certainly in awe of his accolades and adventures, it was nice to know that Chris is a very modest person but always shares parts of these wonderful adventures with great excitement. I certainly left his home studio wanting to know more about his adventures and on the technical side about his art of recording.

Click here to find out more about Chris on his blog site

Are Disco’s Dying of Death?

Are Disco’s Dying of Death?

Since doing more of these disco events whether it be a birthday party, anniversary do or a wedding, I have had some fun but also some tough slogs too, which should be easy and enjoyable events behind the decks.

Now I will admit playing motown or 80’s music is certainly not my cup of tea, however these type of gigs you have to play for the customer and of course the mixed attendees, just like any commercial dj would in a bar but I am more of a club dj who likes to play house or techno.

When I do these gigs ( in all honesty ) it seems like far too much hard work at times – even thought these are rare occasions now. Even if I am handed a list of requests as long as the night itself it seems it is still so hard to keep people happy and the dancefloor going. Now without blowing my own trumpet I certainly do not think it is because of myself, I see a different etiquette for disco dancefloors today. It seems like there are almost musical politics involved now with age gaps the primary issue. Most people don’t get up until after the 9pm buffet when they are drunk and even then it is always mostly the younger generation for the latest music.
When you drop a classic 80’s request or a Motown number the dancefloor usually clears but the old foot tappers are happy.

The reason I am having this rant is more because i have attended a few discos lately where there has been a 50+ year old DJ spinning his tunes and people have commented how the music is crap and whinging about him talking on the mic all the time. Also more people I know have simply opted for a playlist from a laptop or ipod to play at their wedding.

Now I do see there point and I see it from both sides of the fence so it made me wonder…

Is there a requirement for this type of jock anymore?

Do people still appreciate the disco sound now or are we all too snobby and opinionated with music choice now?

Is it deemed too cheesey now?

Now I am certainly not saying this type of DJ is dying, I am simply interested in peoples thoughts about this as most of the Disco’s I have attended recently the DJ has been boring and too cheesey and the vibe certainly didn’t feel right on all occasions. I would love to know what people think about this by leaving comments below. Let us know what the last disco you attended was like and if the dj was any good?