Digital Marketing
an uphill battle?

Make the climb to success more manageable
shift your focus from speed to quality.


Years of Experience

Google Ads & PPC Paid Advertising
Meta Facebook Advertising
Microsoft Bing Advertising
Google Analytics 4 Data Analytics Management
SEMRush Keyword and SEO Marketing with Data Analytics
Power BI from Microsoft Data Analytics & Dashboards
Wordpress Web Design & Development
Sendgrid Email Marketing & Automation
Clickup CRM, Task Management and Automation
Canva Graphic & Video Design
Tiktok Short Form Video Advertising & Marketing

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    Helped grow one of the top inbound Lead Generators for quality B2B leads in the UK


    Using Data to inform strategic decisions when running Digital Marketing campaigns


    Responsible for £100k+ per month in combined advertising budgets


    Data records in the hundreds of thousands, handled and processed for reporting

    Time for a helping hand

    With the rise of technology, traditional marketing techniques are no longer enough, and your business must adapt to using data, testing and new digital marketing strategies.

    Just like the expert Sherpas who guide mountaineers to the summit of Mount Everest, your business needs someone to guide it towards success. With the expertise and experience, Steven can help you navigate the complex digital landscape – success in digital marketing requires careful planning and strategy.

    It’s not about racing to the top, but rather taking deliberate steps towards your goal.

    The Data-driven Process

    Data analysis is crucial to understanding your audience and their behavior.

    Steven uses various tools and techniques to collect and analyze data, such as PowerBI, Google Analytics 4, social media insights, CRM data and customer feedback. By understanding your audience’s needs and journey, your marketing strategies can be tailored to attract and retain more customers.


    The core of the approach is a focus on quality over quantity.

    Just like how the Sherpas prioritize safety and success on the mountain, Steven will prioritize generating high-quality leads or engagement that have a greater potential to convert into paying customers. By using data to refine your targeting and messaging, this will ensure that every lead generated has a better chance of converting into a sale.

    Purchase Your Strategy

    Acquire a detailed Digital Marketing Strategy for £199

    Once an in-depth analysis is complete with multiple data sets compiled into one large report suited to your requirements, you will be sent a final detailed Digital Marketing Strategy document which will contain everything you need to guide your campaigns

    £199 Complete Strategy to own.

    Or, receive a BASIC audit and strategy document COMPLETELY FREE,  with an indicative proposal for services provided.